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no but really

ravenclaws staying up till three in the morning reading and then going to class exhausted

ravenclaws debating philosophy over breakfast

muggleborn ravenclaws teaching their housemates the scientific method

ravenclaws asking uncomfortable questions

ravenclaws coming up with…


Here are some of my personal Ravenclaw house headcanons; you don’t have to feel obliged to use them or agree with them, they are just a collection of things I’ve implemented in play, as well as thought while interacting with other Ravenclaws.

The roof is accessible to the seventh year students if you’re game enough to try. You climb out your window, stand on the ledge, and climb up the tiles to sit on a platform that the roof houses. It’s big enough for a group of people, though most don’t know it exists - it’s a secret passed from seventh years to sixth years upon graduation.

The Ravenclaw tower has a small labyrinth within it. If we use this {x} as a base, you can see that the house has a common study area, as well as a small library for Ravenclaw’s use. However, behind the shelves through a small door is a labyrinth of halls and doors that offer private study areas; the halls exist through extension charm magic, and the rooms are available to all. One room is generally ‘claimed’ by a Ravenclaw or a group of friends - and within it are a table, chairs, and stacks of used books that that person has left. Using a space that someone else has claimed is a no-no.

There are no spells that prevents girls and boys from climbing the others’ staircase - mostly because I think Ravenclaws respect each other’s privacy and space, and wouldn’t violate that unless they had permission. Plus, if you entered a dorm you weren’t supposed to, the occupants would make sure you didn’t make that mistake again.

The common room has the high arching windows and curtains that we know from canon, but the fact that it’s drafty is often overlooked. Excellent in the summer when the windows can be opened but bad in the winter when the temperature drops, Ravenclaw is like other houses, which has pros and cons. Unlike other houses, Ravenclaw students aren’t thick enough to sit there and suffer, but instead proactively alter their circumstances and use warming charms in the common room and dorms on the colder nights. The older years usually take it upon themselves to visit the younger years’ dorms and perform the charm.

The eagle on the portrait, guarding the door, learns to give you riddles that subscribe to your tastes, whether that be literature, music, art, etc. The eagle gives impossible riddles to the students attempting to sneak in from other houses, as well as hard riddles to the younger years to see where their strengths lie. I don’t think the point is to give you a headache every time you go in and out of the house, but instead to make you enjoy learning and encourage your strengths, which is why the eagle will tailor its riddles to your interests and perhaps attempt to teach you something new. Groups of students waiting to get into the house are also encouraged to collaborate on the answer: older and younger years will work together to get the answer, with the aim to create a sense of unity - infinitely better than delivering a mundane password or whacking some barrels.

If you don’t think that the Ravenclaws protect their own, you are sorely mistaken. Ravenclaws might not have their loyalty to one another etched in their motto or legacy, but they are tight knit and will defend each other. They are encouraging of the book nerds and proud of their literary geeks; they love their mad scientists and ingenious inventors and will implement their designs and creations where possible; they compliment and engage with their artists and ask thoughtful questions of their poets. They might not fist fight other students in defense of the house, but if you don’t think that they are protective, loyal, and supportive, you are wrong - Ravenclaws have just always done things differently.


this video is so well done it deserves an oscar

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